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$55.00 Chakra Reset


You've probably heard the phrase chakra balancing... but what does it really mean? Chakra is a sanskrit word and it pertains to our body's innate energy system. Balancing our chakras means resetting our body's natural flow of energy by releasing stagnation or blocks.

There are lots of ways to reset your chakra system, but the key is understanding that your energy system is UNIQUE! 

 Join Chelsea Smith Saturday Dec.11th 2-4pm as she cracks open the world of yoga and brings you the best tools this practice has to offer! She's going to help you go deep in your body and experience first hand what it means to work with your chakras.

During this workshop you'll receive a brief over of the yoga tools and techniques that are incorporated. Each students gets a take home handout that provides details of the workshop to help you start your home chakra reset practice. And you'll get a personalized and handcrafted essential oil blend in an easy to apply roller to help aid in your reset practice.

Our goal is to empower you to start practicing your chakra reset!  Spots are limited to 15 students and registration is on a first come first served basis. 

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle. Students are encouraged to bring a pencil and pad of paper to help track their chakra journey. 

Questions? email, call/text, or DM us!

Chelsea Smith

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