Hoop Juggling with Meg

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$40.00 Hoop Juggling with Meg

Meg (Amor) Helms, Hula Hooper, Fire dancer, yoga instructor, is bringing more fun with Hoops to the community, by adding a hoop juggling workshop.

Under the shady trees of Hooker Oak Park, learn the fundamentals of juggling. The Hoops, also known in the Circus world as rings, are a common beginner prop for juggling. Easier than bags or batons. Hoops have a larger surface area to grab and catch, with a spinning aspect that lets your toss circle towards you, maintaining a stationary standing position.

Mixed into this workshop will be hoop yoga. Meg will lead you through traditional yoga Asanas using a mini hula hoop. 

Hoop Yoga came to be as a fusion between Yoga and Hoops when she would practice juggling. the reputation of the juggling tosses made her shoulders and arm stiff, Yoga was a wonderful way to alleviate and open those tight and sore areas. It was a harmonious connection with the Hoop and Yoga. Plus, alignment and posture are improved with the hoop.

Join this whimsical juggling session of flying hoops with your feet in the grass. Bring friends, make new friends . Skill share, take photos, have snacks, and laugh!

Some snacks and drinks will be provided!

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Directions: Located within Hooker Oak Park. Go to the baseball field near 5 mile bridge (Doryland Baseball Field). Behind the dug out you'll find us at the flat shady grassy area. Look for yellow balloons! 

What to bring: Comfortable clothes, yoga mat or park blanket, water

All hoops are made by Meg. Interested in your own set? Pre-order Hoops to reserve your set when the next Hoop batch is made. Local pick ups only. 

No refunds or exchanges of class passes. Questions? Email contact@freebird-yogastudio.com

Megan Amor